Commit No.1


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January 27


09:25 pm

A new digital activism forum in Tottenham.

Commit is a free, monthly event providing information, tools and skills from experts in various fields in the digital world. We welcome experts and activists to our space to learn, network and maybe enjoy a beer or two.

We will be running events on Freedom of Information Requests, Online Security, Citizen Journalism and many more topics.

This month…..

is a freelance journalist and researcher. She also advises mySociety developers on the design of a new toolkit, WhatDoTheyKnow Pro, that helps campaigners and journalists submit Freedom of Information requests. Previously, she was a journalist at Finance Uncovered, a global reporting and training project focused on illicit finance, helping journalists to investigate tax abuse, money laundering and corruption. She has also worked as an information law researcher for Request Initiative, sending Freedom of Information, and Environmental Information Regulation requests on behalf of NGOs. Jenna has written and researched for VICE News, and is the co-author of the Centre for Investigative Journalism’s handbook DPA without the Lawyer, a guide on how to make Subject Access Requests.


DJ Anthony Chalmers (NTS, Baba Yagas Hut)

More guests TBA.