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Resis’dance Fund 4 ★ Babel’s Blessing ★ AfricanRainbow Family ★ – Five Miles

Resis’dance Fund 4 ★ Babel’s Blessing ★ AfricanRainbow Family ★


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July 5


05:28 pm

★Resis’Dance is a women’s events collective comprised of DJ’s, technicians and political organisers putting on parties for radical grassroots groups. find out more about us here; https://resisdance.wixsite.com/london/about ★


★ AfricanRainbowFamily ★

African Rainbow Family (ARF) is a non-for-profit organisation that support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender intersexual and queer (LGBTIQ) people of African heritage. It was established in the wake of the toxic and draconian anti-gay laws, persecutions and environment which seek to criminalise LGBTIQs for the preference of whom they choose to love.

ARF provides:
1) Support LGBTIQ Asylum Seekers and Refugees
2) Campaigning For Global LGBTIQ Equality
3) Stand Against Hate Crimes
4) Support communities who face constant harassment, hate crimes and discrimination heaped on them by an ignorant society because of their sexuality or sexual preferences as well as transphobia. Contact us if you need support or for someone else.https://africanrainbowfamily.org/contact-us-2/

You can donate anytime to ARF here; https://africanrainbowfamily.org/donate/

★ Babel’s Blessing Language School ★

Babel’s Blessing is a grassroots language school who run affordable language classes that are politically relevant for communities. Who believe language learning as being about cultural exchange and community building. The income they get from the classes helps run programmes of free English classes for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

You can find out more about Babel’s Blessing Language School here: https://babelsblessing.org/info/


Resis’dance Resident DJ’s:
Gin – DJ, Mica Coca, ZAFFIRE

+ Guests:
Gaff E
More tba..


39B Markfield Rd
N15 4QA

★ Access ★
Wheelchair Accessible and accessible toilet. Please get in touch if we can make the night any more accessible for you.

At Resisdance there’s zero tolerance to sexual harassment, unwanted touching, stalking and all forms of abuse or discrimination based on race, gender, disability, sexuality, religion or age. People who can’t respect this aren’t welcome and will be thrown out. If you experience it, or see someone else being harassed or on the receiving end of discriminatory abuse, find a member of Resisdance, our SAFER SPACES CREW or security – we believe and will support you.

★ Five Miles ★
Five Miles priorities the safety of all of our customers. We understand that non male folk and LGBTQI people can feel unsafe in nightlife. To this end we have implemented a phone charging system within our cloakroom so that you can ensure you do not leave our venue with a dead phone battery. Please always make sure your friends know where you are and never leave without telling them you are going.

£3 unwaged, £5 waged, £7 solidarity.
Tickets available at the door
Presale tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/resisdance-fund-4-babels-blessing-africanrainbow-family-tickets-37762496644


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